Since 2004,we are specializing in stainless steel rigging, marine hardware, pipe fitting ,car accessories, etc



Founder Stainless Co, Ltd. ; is dedicated in the designing, developing,manufacturing,Marketing,Die making,proofing,Precision Machining,heat treatment,polishing,packing,shipping of stainless steel rigging hardware,marine hardware,pipe fitting,car accessories .We develop more than 300 kinds of new products every year, as a well-known leading enterprise in the rigging industry.

We have rich production and sales experience in the fields of stainless steel shade sail hardware, wire rope fitting, cable railing system fittings, yacht fittings, boat accessories, mountaineering buckle accessories, lifting hardware, connectors system, glass accessories,  Tensile structure construction, etc., and can provide professional solutions, We have established a long-term cooperative relationship with customers both Domestic and foreign, look forward you to join us.

Customized products should meet the following requirements :

1. Provide samples or product drawings and requirement (preferably 3D drawings).

2. Negotiate the contract , sign a formal contract.

3. Die Making.

4. Shell making, melting&pouring, machining, polishing, etc.

5. Complete the sample, after the inspection,send to the customer for acceptance and confirmation.

6. After confirmation by customers,arrange production in bulk.