Since 2004,we are specializing in stainless steel rigging, marine hardware, pipe fitting ,car accessories, etc



If Want to make good quality products, the materials must meet the standards. We are very strict with the raw materials of the products. Generally, round or square rods are used as blanks for rigging forgings. The grain structure and mechanical properties of the bar are uniform and good, the shape and size are accurate, and the surface quality is good, which is convenient for mass production. As long as the heating temperature and deformation conditions are reasonably controlled, rigging forgings with excellent function can be forged without large forging deformation. Therefore, our forged products have very good load performance and quality.

Our technology of forging occupies a high position in the industry,  we also have a lot of forged products. The company has won the trust both home and abroad with its solid technical strength, high-quality , and perfect service . Therefore, our products have occupied the fixed market of stainless steel industry both home and abroad.

The main products of forged products are four series: Rigging hardware, marine hardware , pipe fitting and car accessories. The products include: Shackle, Wire Rope Clip,Turnbuckle,Pulley, Thimble, Swivel, Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, Round Ring, D Ring, Quick Link, U Bolt,Pad Eye,Swivel Bolt .etc.

The products are widely used , and the main is in shade sail hardware, wire rope fitting, cable railing system fitting, yacht fitting, boat  accessories, mountaineering buckle accessories, lifting hardware, link system fittings, glass hardware, tensile structure construction, etc field.