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Shade Sail Hardware

Shade Sail Hardware

Shade sail is a kind of outdoor sunshade design, which uses rigging hardware as anchor to connect and fixed the shade sail. At least three points are connected and fixed with buildings or trees through rigging hardware to form various shapes and present pleasant shade. The typical sail styles are triangle, square and rectangle. If we can't find enough square, we can use two triangle sails, which will be an optimal scheme.

Founder has a series of shade sail hardware products.mainly includes :Shackle,Wire Rope Clip,Turnbuckle , Eye plate, Snap hook,Thimble, Swivel, Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, Round Ring, D Ring, Quick Link,  Single ear and double ear D-ring for connecting shade sail. These  shade sail.hardware are usually made of SS304 or SS316 stainless steel. Stainless steel  shade sail hardware surface bright, beautiful appearance, rust. These advantages make the shade hardware suitable for outdoor design and engineering. For family shade sails, a snap hook can be attached to the corner. This allows the sail to be released quickly in high winds or winter. The correct installation requires that the sail can bear considerable tension to prevent the wind from blowing. It is important to ensure that the mounting point is strong and durable, able to withstand the required tension and the load generated when the wind blows to the sail.

Shade sails are mainly used in courtyard, swimming pool, playground, terrace, restaurant,street,field,beach and other places.Nowadays,the design of shade sails is more and more fashionable and artistic,which can meet people's different needs. Of course,for sunshade sails, people will pay more attention to their fixity and service life.

Shade Sail Hardware