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Machining is a machining process, which is to change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the rough parts of rigging on the basis of the process to make them into finished or semi-finished products. It is the detailed description of each step and process, that is, the whole process of turning the rough parts into qualified parts by using the method of machining and according to the drawing and size of the drawing paper, mainly through the lathe Milling machine, planer, grinder, thread rolling, threading and other equipment for processing, the accuracy can reach 2 μ m。

Technical requirements for machining:

First, tolerance requirements

(1) The unmarked form tolerance shall meet the requirements of GB1184-80.

(2) Allowable deviation of length dimension not noted ± 0.5mm。

(3) The tolerance zone of casting is symmetrical to the basic dimension configuration of blank casting.

Second, processing requirements

(1) The parts shall be inspected and accepted according to the working procedure, and can be transferred to the next working procedure only after the previous working procedure is qualified.

(2) Burr is not allowed on machined parts.

(3) The processed parts shall not be placed directly on the ground, and necessary support and protection measures shall be taken. The machined surface is not allowed to have the appearance of bumps, scratches and other defects.

(4) The machined thread surface is not allowed to have bumps, burr and other defects.