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Precision Casting

Precision casting product is precise and complex. but products are sophisticated, the size  is more accurate, the  finish of the surfuce is better, and it is close to the final shape . It can be directly used without machining or little processing. precision casting  is the most advanced casting technology to obtain the precision size of rigging casting.

Precision casting  technology process is very complex,

Conventional rigging products need to making wax patterns first,making tree and then coated with layer of refractory on the wax pattern,After being cooled , the shell mold of rigging is obtained, and then Melting&Pouring is carried out. And then they needs machining. In fact, the process is very complex,Every process of precision casting can be called ingenuity ! So this is the main reason for the long production cycle, But the precision casting is the only choose better than other processes.

Wudi Founder stainless   Co., Ltd. has been engaged in precision casting for 20 years, strictly grasping the quality from raw materials to process, greatly improving the mechanical properties of the products, the precision of products, etc., so that our rigging hardware and marine hardware have been in the leading position in the industry.

Our rigging products material Mainly are  stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L,with Oxidation resistance,corrosive resistance ,rust prevention ,high quality ,traction big ,Long service life.

The main products of Precision casting products are four series: Rigging hardware, marine hardware, pipe fitting and car accessories. The products include: Shackle, Wire Rope Clip,Turnbuckle,Pulley,Thimble, Swivel,Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, Round Ring, D Ring, Quick Link, U Bolt,Pad Eye,Swivel Bolt,Wing Nut,Wire Rope,Chain,Bollard, Cleat,Anchor,Hawse Pipe,Top Slide,Top Cap,Deck Hinge,Hinge,Stanchion,Pipe Fitting,Car Accessory ,etc.

The product is widely used , and the main is in shade sail hardware, wire rope fitting, cable  railing system fitting, yacht accessories, boat accessories, mountaineering buckle accessories, lifting hardware,Link system , glass hardware, tensile  structure construction,Traction, medical,etc.

  • Wax Pattern
  • Shell Mold
  • Melting&Pouring
  • Cooling
  • Cutting
  • Casting Parts
  • Casting Parts
  • Casting Parts