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Wudi Founder Stainless Co.,Ltd. participates in China (Weihai) International fishing boat yacht and Accessories Expo

Date: 2021-07-26Clicks:

Since July 24 to July 26, 2021, China Weihai International Outdoor Leisure Industry Expo was held in Weihai International Exhibition Center.There are two new sections of the Expo, "China (Weihai) fishing supplies,RV and accessories exhibition" and "China (Weihai) International fishing boat yacht and Accessories Expo", which are divided into fishing gear and accessories exhibition,  Fishing ship yacht and Accessories ExpoExhibition,large fishing boat yacht exhibition, etc.

The products exhibited by our company as a supplier mainly include: ship and yacht accessories Anchor, Cleat,Bollard, Stanchion, Fishing Rod Holders, Bow Bimini Top hardware, Top Cap,Top Slides, Rigging Hardware ,Shackle, Wire Rope Clips, Turnbuckle, Snap Hook,Pulley, Wire Rope Thimble, ring ,Wire Rope,Chain etc.

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