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Stainless Steel Rigging Description For Use

Date: 2021-03-11Clicks:

Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware mainly includes: Stainless Steel Shackle, Wire Rope Clip, Turnbuckle, Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, D Ring, Cargo Hook,Snap Hook, Quick Link, Swivel, Pulley, etc. Rigging  Hardware is widely used in ports, electric power, boat and yachts, petrochemical industry, mines, railways, construction, metallurgy and chemical industry, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, hoisting, pipeline auxiliary equipment, marine rescue Ocean Engineering, bridge, aviation, and other important industries.

Description for use

1. Do not use damaged rigging.

2.Don’t twist the rigging hardware When lifting.

3. Don’t knot the rigging.

4.Do not drag it When moving the rigging hardware.

5. Avoid force or shock loading.

6. Every rigging must be checked before use every time.

7.Consult the supplier if the rigging hardware is used in areas that may be contaminated by chemicals or at high temperatures.

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