Mission: talent for the root, integrity-based, customer first, quality first.
Entrepreneurial spirit: Innovation, the United States, truth-seeking, refinement.
Corporate philosophy: market-oriented, marketing as a leader, based on the base, talent as a fundamental.
Business philosophy: the quality of the root, integrity is the.
Management policy: Quality is the first lifeline of the enterprise.
Talent concept: the preparation of talent, merit-based talent, rely on talent; training personnel, motivate talent, creating talent.
Talent concept: want to do, to officers, officers, dry matter.
Employment concept: with the right people, do the right thing.
Learning concept: to maintain the source of competitive advantage is learning.
Service concept: earnestly 100 points, 100 points of customer satisfaction.
Benefit concept: to seize the cost, to achieve maximum efficiency.
Enterprise style: rigorous and pragmatic, efficient implementation; practical and enterprising, forge ahead in unity; integrity Frank, vigorous.
Staff beliefs: I live with the enterprise, business and I have a total of development, life in the post-sublimation.
Company strategy: adhere to the people-oriented, high-tech driven and modern management of the three major strategies!

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